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     Caring for Your Venison  

     Every hunter wants to reap the tasty rewards of a successful hunt. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your venison and make that possible.

Proper care of your venison should begin with a well placed shot. Try to get a good heart, lung shot slightly behind the front shoulder.

As soon as you have shot, immediately track the animal to where it is down, do not wait. It is extremely important to get the animal field dressed as soon as it is dead. If the carcass lays any amount of time with the innards intact, it will start to gas out and can taint the meat, no matter what the outside air temperature is.

When you are field dressing be cautious and try not to puncture the paunch, or bladder.

If you are dragging the animal, it sometimes helps to wrap it in a cheap tarp to keep the twigs, leaves and other debris out of the cavity.

As soon as you have access to one, use a garden hose to wash out the cavity, especially if you shot a little to far back, or nicked the paunch when field dressing.

If the weather is cool prop the cavity open with something sturdy and store the animal in an area protected from predators until you can get it to the processor, or, until it is thoroughly chilled and you can cut it up yourself.

If the weather is warm, fill the clean cavity with bags of commercial ice, or several frozen gallon jugs of water.

If you are cutting it up yourself, it is best to go about it as soon as the animal has cooled. If you are taking it to a processor, it is best to get it to them as soon as their hours permit.

If you follow these steps you will be enjoying tasty meat all season!

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