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How much meat will I get

The average hanging carcass weight for the 1998-1999 season was 90#. (Your deer will most likely weigh more or less than this). There will be approximately a 35% loss due to deboning, fat, shot-up areas, and commonly, old wounds and injuries.  Example: 90# hanging carcass weight will become approximately 59# of usable meat. Of  this 59# approximately 4-6# for shoulder roasts, 5-7# for butterfly chops, 13-15# for round steaks or roasts, leaving 29-37# boneless trim for burger or specialty products, depending on how you want your meat cut up.

How Much Will it Cost?

We base our prices on the weight of the deer after the head, hide, and feet are removed, (Hanging carcass weight). The base price includes skinning, cutting any steaks, chops, roasts, etc., deboning, grinding burger, (with beef suet added), packaging, and freezing.

Base prices are:

Under 50#  =$75.00
51-75#        =$85.00
76-100#      =$95.00
101-125#    =$105.00   
126-150#    =$115.00
151# & up  =$125.00

All specialty meat items are in addition to the base price.

Please click here for all of specialty meat prices.

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